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Posts show the latest cartoons or writing as they roll out.

Black and White Cartoons and Colour Cartoons are pages of all cartoons and illustrations, including those that have not been used as ‘posts’.

Animation shows links to animated short films.

Printed has information for a self-published book and a link to Red Bubble for T-shirt, stickers and anything else they can print on.

Archive is a collection of random cartoons that include some older blog material, rejected greeting card submissions and oddments without explanation.

Please contact me via the Contact Page or the e-mail below if you would like to use any cartoons or illustrations for any publications or projects, both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Email: cartoonmountain@gmail.com

PH: 0412 445 205 (Outside Australia +61 3 412 445 204).

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About Me:

I live in Melbourne, Australia and have worked as an animation teacher at VCA Film and Television, the University of Melbourne, as an animator and cartoonist for short film production, advertising and educational publications and as a storyboard artist for a few live action productions for film and television.

Trading as Cartoon Mountain : ABN:98 871 023 711

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