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Eggbert, calm and measured, and Helmut, worried and cautious are inseparable companions confronted by the absurdities that arise in their bog-standard lives. Indecision, guilt and confusion are hallmarks of their mid-life state of mind as they bumble through their routine of work, traffic and the supermarket with unexpected consequences.

$AUD2.99 for the E-book and $AUD8.06 for the printed version plus postage and GST (in Australia).

You can also see a sample of inside the book at Blurb.




A notebook of storyboard panels I put together for roughing out film ideas by hand. (I love the Moleskin brand, but they cost a bit). I added in some additional quotes from filmmakers- some who love storyboarding for their films, others who don’t like it, finding that it restricts their thinking!

It’s compact, 8 frames per page, with 100 pages of frames. Frames are 16:9 aspect ratio you film people.

Printed version only. Around $AUD6 plus GST (Goods and Services tax in Australia ) and postage. Use the link below.

Cartoons printed onto t-shirts, STICKERS etc.

A link to a Redbubble folio where you can get a few things printed on a t-shirt, phone cover, etc.