6 thoughts on “Christmas Hand Over

  1. I’d swear you were probing my brain to draw up this one. 🙂 It’s the sort of image I draw regularly when frustrated with modern times/technology. Yes, American stores DO seem to rush the holiday shift. But, not from Christmas to Easter. No. First, you get four months of Valentine’s. THEN four months of Easter, one month of Halloween and three months of Christmas. 😀

    1. Yes, you are so right, I forgot about Valentine’s Day. Halloween is a reasonably recent inclusion in the Australian calendar of milking the idea for every penny, and Mother’s Day and Father’s Day get a good run too! Thanks for your comment!

      1. Well, from my experience in the US, Mother’s and Father’s Days are small potatoes compared to Christmas and Easter. Halloween is a close third. But, I had a previous job at which lovey-dovey music was played between Christmas and Easter. Even though we put up Easter decor, the music remained romantic…because there aren’t exactly adult Easter songs unless it’s religious music. In any case, what a audio and visual mess to blow your minds and inevitably bring you down with the excess.


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